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Canterbury Tennis Academy places a strong emphasis on players developing character and leadership skills that will help them navigate the challenges of both life and tennis. In our opinion, everyone has potential and we want to help young people maximise theirs.

At the end of each Inspire session one player is chosen as “Sportsperson of the Week”, usually because they impressed the coach by working particularly hard, as well as demonstrating good sportsmanlike conduct. Academy players will complete individual effort assessments after each session.

All our players are encouraged to explore our motivational challenges, including our BADGE AWARDS and the TEAM POLO challenge. We also promote teamwork through the HOUSE CUP. New members are invited to join one of our four houses: the Australian Open house, the French Open house, the US Open house or the Wimbledon house and will receive a house T-shirt in the colour of their house.


In order to become a rounded athlete and person there are many skills that need to be developed over time. The bronze, silver and gold BADGE SCHEME rewards individual skill and character development with a view to providing an opportunity to maximise a player’s full potential as an athlete and all round nice person. There are different categories and challenges for all ages and skills.


Players are encouraged to complete the Wall of Effort which involves them learning a little about tennis or thinking about motivational concepts. Once this is completed, players may undertake the Team Polo Challenge.  The Team Polo challenge requires considerable commitment and effort. For a period of four weeks a player must commit to a certain amount of extra training and focussed tennis effort with a view to improving or achieving a predetermined goal. The player must keep a diary of this endeavour. The challenge is graded according to age and is suitable for players aged 6-18.


Developing skills is a lifelong journey, however, when a player earns 12 badges and has passed the challenges of the ‘Wall of Effort’ and ‘Team Polo+’, they have reached the ‘Bulls eye’ and have earned the right to become an ‘Ultimate Polo Player’. These players will have their photo placed on the ‘Wall of Fame’.

Becoming an ‘Ultimate Polo Player’ is a lengthy process that will take discipline, determination and dedication. It is our belief that these three skills are essential to maximising potential and excelling in life.


Polo Farm runs regular Tennis Leaders courses for individuals aged 13+ who would like to help out with tennis.  Our Tennis Leaders are highly valued. Some choose to help out with squads while others assist and umpire mini tennis tournaments.  Helping with younger children is a great way to develop confidence and leadership skills for the future and helping others enjoy their journey is part of the club’s ethos.


The House Cup is awarded each December to the house with the most points. Members can all contribute points by earning “sportsperson of the week”, by playing matches or tournaments, by completing badges and challenges or by representing the club.  All members eagerly anticipate the annual House Cup party as a night of fun, games and special awards.


The junior tennis is complemented by a busy social calendar. Annual events include the Olympic Party for younger players (March), Rounders and Barbecue Social (June), Club Championships (July), Family Quiz (October) and, the grand finale to the year, the House Cup party and Annual Awards Evening (December).  We have junior social committees who run their own one-off events as well as other ad hoc occasions.  The coaches also run invitational trips to Eastbourne and the ATP Finals.



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